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This is a story of the  battle for one man's




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Hope in the Darkness

is a book with many twist and turns that shows the power of prayer and the rosary, its also a great adventure, a great read, an evangelization tool for all religions or a great gift to someone who is in despair .

Hope has no boundaries.

          Contrary to what you might think this book is not about my life, but about hope! Hope for all those who are sliding down the slope to Hell’s gate. Hope for all those who think no one cares. Hope for the ones praying or offering thier sufferings for that someone, thier child, sibling, parent, friend or stranger. It is about contining prayer for that someone who is lost and never giving up praying and sacrificing for them even when it's seems to be getting darker.


        "There is a cloud of witness cheering us on" as St Paul says. God hears us and He hears all of the Intersession's of the Saints, His Mother, Parents and Freinds and He will  answer them in His time and when its best for thier salvation.


  So travel with me on my life's journey back to my Catholic Faith as I walk through the dark streets of hell, suicide, gangs, sex, addictions and death to the light of the avenue of hope lit by the many rosaries, prayers, sufferings and offerings of my family who never gave up.






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Hope in the Darkness

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