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St Bridget Elementry School


Benedictine High School

  • Football Most Valuable Linemen


Ferrum College 

  • All Conference 10 Team



  • 10 years built business from start to finish with up wards of a 150 employees into a Multi Million Dollar business.



  • Gospa Missions - Help start orphanages in Africa


  • Lambs of Christ Prolife Order with  (Fr. Norman Weslin)


  • Society of the Most Holy Trinity (S.O.L.T) Studied for Priesthood went on  Missions to Mexico and Russia


  • St Luke's Mission of Mercy, East Side of Buffalo. Started home for troubled youth, Dom Bosco House

  •             Recognized by Domestic Court  Judge of Buffalo for work with youth


Author "Hope in the Darkness"


Prolific Conference Speaker and Presenter


Prison Ministry for The Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston


  • Appreciation Certificate from work done with inmates


Knights of Columbus

  • Knights of Columbus State District Deputy  


  • Knights of Columbus State Website Chairmen


  • Knights of Columbus 4th Degree Knight (Highest Honor)


  • Knights of Columbus Youth Chairman


  • Knights of Columbus Family Chairmen


Knights of Columbus Awards

  • 2015 Knight of the Year for Knights of Columbus


  • 2014 Knight of the Month for Knights of Columbus


Parish Council

  • Chairmen of the Liturgy Committee


  • Teach and administer Confirmation Class


  • Religious Education Teacher


  • Chairmen of the Digital Department


Parish Ministry


  • Youth Ministries'


  • Eucharistic Minister

  • Lector



Hope in the Darkness Project LLC 


Married, Father of 4, Grandfather of 16 



                     Thomas R. Eades III is a loving father of four children, two step-children, and has fourteen grandchildren. He was born in 1951 and grew up in Richmond, Virginia. He attended St Bridget's elementary and Benedictine HS and went on to Ferrum Jr. College in 1969. He stared in football at both and then his football career ended just before signing with a major football team due to a back injury. His rough life as a sinner included biker gangs, bar fights, gang fights, addictions and more. He was also a business executive and owner, where his skills made him a needed asset throughout his career. Even after having two near death experiences he didn't learn. Because of his parents strong devotion to The Mother of God he was pulled back to his Catholic Faith. 

Then in May of 1993 through an experience at a religious apparition site he was pulled from the pits of hell. Through redemptive sufferings, prayers and the rosary Our Lady interceded for him to her son Jesus and pulled him from Hell's gate. Knowing he was giving a great gift he then became Gods servant. Tom served as a missionary in Siberia as part of the fulfillment of the Fatima promise, Mexico and many slums of America. In 1999 he became Seminarian, he finished all his Philosophy credits. Then during a leave of absents he was called to help the troubled youth. Moreover, at St. Luke's Mission in the slums of Buffalo, NY, he started The St. Don Bosco House for troubled youth where he brought the light of hope to the downtrodden, those battling addictions, trying to escape gang life and those struggling to attain the basics of life. He also spent time in Mexico at an orphanage doing the Lord's work. He has been a firsthand witness to personal miracles and experienced the healing power of Jesus. 

He is a Fourth Degree Knight and State Chairmen and District Deputy 6 in the Knights of Columbus. He is also active in his Church parish where he Chairs the Liturgy Committee on the parish council, teaches Religious Education and is involved in the youth programs and the prison ministry. He is the author of "Hope in the Darkness" and now is working on his second book on the individual missions. He is also the founder of a aftercare project to help these troubled youth, The Hope in the Darkness Project, which is in its start up phase. He is a Speaker who has spoken at hundreds of events. In 2010 he was married to his soul mate, Theresa. They live in the Potomac Highlands of West Virginia



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