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Mission Statement


            The Hope in the Darkness Project is an organization of men and women who dedicate a portion of their time, talent and money to help the young men and women  that are released from juvenile detention centers. We also work with Hispanics and all nationalities when possible. Most of these individuals end up, in a very short time, re-entering the juvenile system.  Most of these young men and women have no father or mother figure to look up too.


           We will try to meet with them in the facilities if possible or afterwards.  We will provide them with different religious goods, a Bible and the Hope in the Darkness book and other things to help with their transition.  We also give them a contact who they can just talk with, someone who knows them and understands what they are going through.


           Upon their re-entry into society we pray that these actions may give them a solid base, a light of love, respect and hope that they can reach out to if they start slipping back into the darkness. We want to let them know they are not alone, that someone is always there for them without judgment. We will also try to set up contacts with churches, youth pastors and other outreach facilities in their area to make it easier for them to become affiliated with.


     We are also in process of raising money to buy or build a home for  young men and women. Using the proven concept I used to start a house similar to the one I had established 2002 in the slums of the Eastside Buffalo,New York. In which over 200 youth past through with a 80% rehibilitation rate in the 8 years I administered It. I am still in contact with many of them who are now a productive person in society with families and moral values.


Hope in the darkness is what we want to provide these Individuals 

because their future doesn’t have to be their past.


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