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The Journey

          Journey from the gates of hell to heaven's door in this extraordinary story. Hope in the Darkness is one man's spiritual journey from the fall from grace to conversion, personal miracles, the power of the rosary, prayer warriors, and redemptive suffering. Travel alongside the author as he treks through the brutal winters With a large crucifix on a the end of a rope rosary around his neck and one on each wrist while in his long robe and sandals, offering his pain and sacrifice to our Lord through His Mother. With near death experiences and overwhelming personal tragedies, he fights his demons and is stripped of everything, then because of his parent's strong devotion to The Mother of God he was pulled back to his Catholic Faith.

Then in May of 1993 through an mystical experience at a religious apparition site he was pulled from the pits of hell. Through redemptive sufferings, prayers and the rosary Our Lady interceded for him to her son Jesus and pulled him from Hell's gate.  he finds he has much to give.


In a story that will take you from the tough inner city of Buffalo, New York, and Siberia in Russia to the scorching sun of Texas, Hope in the Darkness is a powerful story of unbreakable faith, courage, the human spirit, and the healing power of prayer.

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 SO! Come walk with me on my journey and see for yourself that there is always


Hope In The Darkness

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May the Good Lord send and continue to send His Blessing Upon you!

I will keep all in my Prayers.



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