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Old Bikers don't die they just turn into Missionaries for the Lord

Praise the Lord! I am Brother Tom, author of “Hope in the Darkness” [ ] For many years I lived a life on the edge. From my childhood I loved tempting fate, like the time I jumped from a two story window at 7 yrs old and shattered my foot. A little later I tried to ride a bike at top speed down a freshly graveled 7% grade road. I ended up that time picking out gravel for days from my hands elbows and knees. Then there was me standing up on my motorcycle with no hands doing 90 MPH. Then one time the police were chasing a man who was shooting people at random from his truck. He pulled up on me and leveled his 357 magnum between my eyes and I said “You better pull the trigger or I going to break your arm”. At 6 foot 4 inches and 330 pounds it wasn’t hard for me to attract trouble. Couple that with the adrenaline rush I got from living on the edge and its called trouble.

I still live on the edge but for good reason not my own selflessness. That adrenaline rush I received before is now is trumped by the rush of the Holy Spirit. The Lord has sent me to some of the toughness places in the world. Where death was just around the corner and you can get the adrenaline rush of your life. Places like the middle of Siberia in Russia, down in the center of Mexico and in the streets of the notorious eastside of Buffalo NY (gang alley). KGB, FBS, Cartels, Cripps, Bloods, Latinos and 88’s just to name some of the company I would keep. What is really awesome is what the Lord did to switch my vices into virtues. I can say I was never scared of dying before my re-enlighten or now afterwards. But I sure I am glad I am heading towards the light of Heaven and not darkness of Hell.

At this moment I have a ministry working with the young men at Potomac Highlands Juvenile Detention Center. Don’t let the word Juvenile fool you! Charges are murder, armed robbery, and felonious assault on police officer with the intent to kill and so on and so on. I am in a start up phase of a project that works with these young men in jail and then works with them after their release. It is called Hope in the Darkness Project ( ) Why this project? The Lord laid on my heart that most of these will be the future murders, rapist and gang members. That this time after release is the time where the Lord can come in and interfere with the Satan’s plan. Please continue to follow me in this Blog as I share with you parts of my past and future journey.

Please pray for all who I work with and for me,

Praise the Lord! God Bless You

Br Tom Eades

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