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What happened in my weekly group at  the Juvenile center on 8.13.2015. Most of these young men hardl

Group at the Buckbee Juvenile center at Potomac Highlands Regional Jail in Augusta WV

Last night we had 11 out of 11 attend that were available to go group. Along with the regulars we had 3 new young men just entering the facility. The facility has 24 cells with 3 groups A, B, C units. A unit is the newly incarcerated, B unit are awaiting court sentencing and C unit are the long term and hardcore (murder, felony assault with a deadly weapon, gang activities, drug dealings etc.). Most of the regulars are C unit and B unit. I welcomed each one as I always do one by one with a handshake, a hug and thanksgiving blessing for them attending.

I then ask the new ones if they would want to share with me why they are incarcerated and there future plans. I then share my background with them giving them a card that they can contact me when they get out. Then I ask everyone if they have been praying for me and their selves. Also if anyone had problems during the week. Several of the young men that were supposed to get out had problems being placed in a group home, etc. Some of them found out they will be there several more years. West Virginia can hold them until they are 21 if they want. As I have found out this placement problem is common for the bad ones that are not hard core yet but are headed that way. These are the ones along with the hardcore one I would take in at my house in Buffalo, NY, the unwanted. They wanted to know if the Hope in the Darkness Project was still in the planning.

We had a discussion on how anyone can be taken down by satan. No one is immune not even someone that was with Jesus and was one of the few handpicked. One of the Apostles Judas who hung himself in despair for his betrayal of the Lord. I explained how Cardinals, Bishops, Priest, Pastors and on and on can fall. But all they have to do is sincerely ask for Gods mercy and forgiveness, we call it confession, which I got into later. But a lot of them are too arrogant and are lost. I said “God never gives up hope for anyone even you” so never give up hope on your selves.

We spent time talking about after death and how our life is only dash between two numbers as stated when talking about the death of person and also on your tomb stone like “1999-2015”. I said, I am living my life the way I want to live that long infinite line that comes after the last date. That is the important line because it continues from the smaller line, which goes on forever either in Heaven, Hell. Yet the Lord doesn’t put us there, we do. He just judges us by what we want. He will never go against our free will. I explained we tell the Lord where want to go by how we live that small dash in the middle of the numbers on our tombstone. I also reiterated with them how much God cared and loved them, I how I cared and loved them and how lots of other people they don’t know care and love them. I told them that God had given each of them a certain talent. We discussed if we live a good life and use the talent He gives us for good, which is not hard, we will all end up in Heaven. That there is always hope and that is why they have that card with my contact information, use it.

I also gave away more Catholic Bibles and a list of Scriptures to read. Several of the newer guys were asking about the Scriptural Rosary Pamphlet and the Divine Mercy Card I had given last group. They were telling me that they were reading the scriptures from them every day. So since they can’t have the Rosary until they get out, I spent the rest of the class teaching them how to say the rosary on their fingers and or the rosary on the card. Also explaining the roots and the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be was used. Also again explained to them the respect that should be given to the rosary because of the blessing not the rope. I was asked can anyone come to your church, which I said yes. So this led to some doctoral discussions like confessions and why a Non-Catholic can’t receive Holy Communion. Which then led to the explanation of the RCIA program of the church and why it is a 6 month process.

I ended up with given away 4 more Hope in the Darkness books (with an individual message), several rosaries, more scriptural rosary pamphlets, Divine Mercy cards and Catholic Bibles. With these I have given away well over hundred “Hope in the Darkness” books Rosaries, pamphlets and cards. Also 23 Bibles. We then gathered in a circle held hands and prayed, even some of the guards joined us. Again I gave each a hug and handshake and a “God Bless” and please pry for me.

This is a typical group meeting and the agenda flows where ever the spirit takes it, along as I stay out of the way, thanks be to God.

God Bless You

Br Tom Eades

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