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       So as I pondered the photo, the Lord told me in my heart that this was what it looked like at the moment of His death on the cross. Complete darkness, despair and the end. Yet through the mercy of His Scared Heart it was really the light, hope and only the beginning. I knew then there will always be “Hope in the Darkness”

About The Cover



           This photo was taken around the time of my encounter with hell. I did not see this at the time it taken. It wasn’t until it was developed that this dark and stark image was visible. In fact the whole sky was blue most of the day except for some wispy clouds you see in the other photos. As I was pondering that day’s events I started realizing what the photo was portraying.



           First let me explain; The Catholic Church realizes we are human and we rely a lot on our 5 senses (taste, feel, smell, sight and hearing), to tell a story and to also remind us of those gave their total self and in lots of cases their lives for the Catholic Faith. The church uses holy reminders of our heritage, such as statues, pictures, stain glass windows and so on. They also do this for private revelations from heaven to help us understand. Most don’t realize that a lot of the New Testament is private revelation especially with St Paul.


             That being said one of these holy reminders was a revelation to a couple of saints. One St. Margaret Mary Alacoque  and St. Faustina Kowalska called the Sacred Heart of Jesus. You can click on the names for more information. There are many schools, colleges and churches named after this revelation. It consisted of the Love Our Lord has for us and how His heart is aflame with that love and because of that love He suffered crucifixion.  That is why His heart has a flame coming out of the top of it and a crown of thorns wrapped around the center of it. 

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